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Riya Gupta - Solutions to CEED/NID Animation questions

Hello again aspirants!!

As I told you earlier I will be back with my solutions to animation questions. I would like to start with CEED 2015 animation part. First, read out the whole question followed by-

Question 5c:  Optional (Animation Design)

An animation film for 5 to 12 year old children is in pre-production stage. The film is based on the relationship between a kid (girl/boy) and his/her puppy. This is a shot breakdown of a sequence from the film.
Shot 1. A 10 year old kid (girl/boy) and his puppy are playing with a ball in a field.
Shot 2. Suddenly s/he notices a huge eagle swooping down on the puppy.
Shot 3. The eagle reaches out with its talons (claws), grabs the puppy and flies off.
Shot 4. The kid sees the puppy carried away.
Shot 5. The kid picks up the ball and throws it at the eagle
Shot 6. The ball hits the eagle, and he drops the puppy.
Shot 7. The girl/boy is reunited with the puppy, hugs him.
Part 1
Illustrate (Create a Storyboard of) the above shots as a series of picture frames. You can use more than one frame per shot if you want. Approximate shape of the frame is shown below. You can choose to make the drawing and then draw the frame on top of it to compose your shot or you can create the frame and then draw inside.     
Part 2
Draw shot 3 (the eagle reaching out, about to grab the puppy) in detail in a style which is one of the following.  Line drawing is sufficient. Detailed rendering and shading can be done if needed.
a. Realistic  b. Stylised

In part 1, pay attention to communication of the narrative through sequential pictures and shot composition. 

In part 2, pay attention to illustration skills, composition and perspective (if realistic style chosen) or Illustration style (if stylized chosen.)

As you can see that there are number of shots given above, if you come across any question without the shots listed separately, you can think of your own . Try to highlight the actions as much as you can.

My Solution sketches:

As you can see that through simple frames I have completed the question. Due to less number of frames, I didn't used the technique of resizing them( as I told in my previous post) However, you can wish to do so. See the perspective I have used in each shot. You can see that I have used the bird's eye view in the third frame.
 In the second part of the question, it is asked either for the realistic shot or the stylized one. For the realistic one, use colours, add shading, or use detail concepts.On the other hand, use interesting perspective shots for the stylized one.
Go through it and practice with the rest of the questions

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  1. What is realistic style and what is illustration style story board?
    it would be helpful if someone can give examples.. i tried searching in web but couldnt find one