Monday, 4 January 2016

Solution to NID-DAT 2015 subjective sample paper - Vaishnavi

Hi all,

I'm Vaishnavi Bodawar!

I have good artistic skills (painting) and I attempted CEED and NID exams last year. I wish to share solutions to few questions of NID-DAT subjective part as asked in sample question paper for your benefit and reference. I hope that this is going to help you at least to some extent.

You can check the question paper here

Question B1

You have to make rotis/puris and have no rolling pan to flatten the dough. State and illustrate four alternate ways, using objects from the kitchen, by which you could make the rotis/puris

Note: I haven't given the statements (or factors whatever it's called), I just gave some illustrations. Hope, you are able to write about it.

Question B2:

My solutions

That's it, although I solved only for two questions, I hope this will give some idea to you.

All the best for your NID attempt !!!


  1. Thank you so much Vaishnavi for taking time and making sketches. This is so great and should be helping many :)

  2. That's actually good👍👏 thank you.

  3. good solutions, but in your first answer u have made jug n cup plates, my doubt can we draw tow different things ?

  4. Hi! I have a doubt regarding the doodles. If u get a frame, is it necessary to fill the entire space or should we leave some negative space?