Thursday, 19 November 2015

Answers to CEED 2013 by Dhananjay Pande

Hi all,

This is Dhananjay Pande again, 

In this page my response to CEED 2013 previous paper Part B (design part) has been updated along with my sketches. Please do check and comment for any suggestions or improvements.

My sketch to Q1

My solution to Q2

  1. After welding two pieces of iron together , the mark of the welding doesn't look pleasing, it would look better with it being invisible.
  2. The nut bolts used to joint parts does not look good , making them invisible would look better, though that would play difficult for the engineers to repair.
  3. be relaxing .
  4. Women take time to get ready, most of it is consumed in pinning the saree pallu , so that it doesn't show, an invisible pin will save a lot of time.
  5. There is nothing more aggravating for a book lover , than getting his books all twisted and stained return back after borrowing it , lets make them invisible.

Please note that the question also look for humor in your answer, so I have taken more consideration of the creativity and the humor in my instances.

My solution to Q3

  1. The distinction between the cash counter and the waiting table counter should be well labeled.
  2. The white board between the mandir and the photo frame does look aesthetically pleasing, and can be seen as disrespect to the god .
  3. The colour combination of the cash counter and the waiting table , does not go well together , red and brown is not a good choice.
  4. The cold drink refrigerator seems hidden in the corner , it should placed between the two counters .
  5. The menu chart shouldn't have a shiny polished surface , the reflection of the light making the item obscure , a matt finish is desirable.
My solution to Optional part (Visual Communication)

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  1. Hi Bhanu,

    Thanks for sharing all these resources. So helpful.

    In the last image, solution for the design of medicine cover, I find one particular visual confusing with the problem statement given.
    The medicine has to be taken before breakfast but the visual can be interpreted as 'no breakfast' or the patient cannot have breakfast.

    In your solution and you have used arrows to indicate which precedes which. That is very clear. Is there any other ways it can be represented?

    It is just an observation and correct me if I'm missing something.